Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery is an innovative and interactive training program that teaches pharmacists the skills necessary to become a primary source for vaccine information and administration. The program teaches the basics of immunology and focuses on practice implementation and legal/regulatory issues.

There are three components to the certificate training program:

  • 12 hour (1.2 CEU) self-study modules with case studies and assessment exam
  • 8.0 hour (0.80 CEU) live seminar with final exam Hands-on assessment of intramuscular and subcutaneous injection technique
  • Hands-on assessment of intramuscular and subcutaneous injection technique

The goals of the certificate training program are to:

Provide comprehensive immunization education and training Provide pharmacists with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to establish and promote a successful immunization service Teach pharmacists to identify at-risk patient populations needing immunizations Teach pharmacists to administer immunizations in compliance with legal and regulatory standards

More information can be found on the APhA website.


Upcoming Sessions

Pharmacist Immunization Certification Training sessions are offered in June, July and August each year. Specific dates and times will be posted as soon as they become available. Please contact Keith Veltri at 212-851-1192 ext. 2503 or the APhA website  for more information.