The C-STEP 2014 Summer Academy Application is now available.

The goal of the Touro College of Pharmacy/Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (TCOP-CSTEP) is to contribute to the preparation of a future health care workforce that is more diverse, motivated and better prepared to increase access to care and eliminate health disparities among medically under-served people. The reflection of the goal of the Touro College of Pharmacy will contribute to the building of a better society by improving the health status of individuals and the community. To accomplish this goal the institution is excited to provide academic support to underrepresented and economically disadvantage students. We will accomplish this goal in collaboration with community high schools  post secondary schools, community based organizations, pharmaceutical companies and public health entities.


Academic Tutorials is available after regularly scheduled classes for any student, meeting CSTEP guidelines in need of additional assistance at Touro Undergraduate School of Health Sciences.

Urban Health Careers Program – designed to expose high school students to various health careers. They spend a day learning what it takes academically to pursue the profession. Someone from the profession provides insight as to what the job entails.

Summer Academy – A program for rising high school juniors and seniors, and rising college freshmen and sophomores. The students will learn about specific disease states and how the role of the Pharmacist affects health outcomes though disease prevention an activism in decreasing health disparities. The students will also have an opportunity to explore public health initiatives, participate in public health project activities and become certified as community health workers.

Financial Literacy Workshop -  The students receive information and assistance on applying for college financial aid and scholarships.

Biomedical Research Training Program - Students will design, conduct and present a literature research project, utilizing the substantial resources of the Harlem Medical Library. Biomedical research training program students will experience faculty mentoring, resource speaker presentations, community public health projects, laboratory experience rotations, and participation in professional associations and conferences such as the Academy of Student Pharmacists and Student National Pharmaceutics Association (SNPhA).

Contact Information

Dr. Deborah Williams
Phone: (212) 851 – 1192 ext. 2542
Fax: (212) 531-2264

The mission of Touro College of Pharmacy/Collegiate Science and Technology entry program is to prepare high school and college students historically underrepresented and economically disadvantage who are interested in a career in pharmacy at many levels for the rigors of pharmacy; and facilitate entry into and graduation from the Touro College of Pharmacy.