Only complete applications are reviewed and considered for an interview invitation. Applicants will be interviewed by invitation only. All applicants will be notified by e-mail of their interview status. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to provide a valid e-mail address which you check on a regular basis. If at any time during the admissions process you wish to withdraw your application from consideration, please do so in writing by notifying the Office Admissions.

Application Status

To determine the status of your application, applicants should log into their PharmCAS application. Upon receipt of your PharmCAS application the status will be ‘Received/Under Review’. As you move through the application process your status will also be updated.

PharmCAS Supplemental tab- Once logged into PharmCAS, applicants should also monitor the supplemental tab. After review of your supplemental application and course work the Office of Admissions will inform you via this tab if you meet all requirements or if there is a problem. Applicants should review the supplemental tab before calling the office for the status of their application.


The Office of Admissions coordinates the Touro College of Pharmacy interview/selection process. To be considered for an interview, candidates must exceed minimum application requirements. Therefore, interviews are by invitation only, and not all candidates are invited for an interview. Interview information will be sent by e-mail only. Interviews are held from October through April. The interview is a required component of the admissions process and does not guarantee acceptance.

Admissions Decision

Admission decisions are made at the end of each interview month, October through April. Applicants are evaluated holistically on a range of factors including overall GPA, pre-requisite GPA, pharmacy and non-pharmacy related work experience, pharmacy and non-pharmacy related volunteer experience, and knowledge of the role of the pharmacist as part of today’s health care team. Decisions are sent via email, be sure to update the Office of Admissions ( any time there is a change in your contact information.


Accepted candidates are required to submit a non-refundable deposit within two weeks after the acceptance deadline. Upon matriculation, this deposit is credited toward tuition.

Criminal Background Check

All accepted students must initiate a background check within 10 days of receiving an offer AND successfully complete a criminal background check within 30 days. You will receive an e-mail from Certiphi to begin this process.

Under extraordinary circumstances the admissions policy may be modified.